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Feast Days for All YAHUWans, who all upon the Name of YAHUWAH
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Seven Appointed Feasts for 2018 AY (After YAHUW, or 2011 AD)

Dates here are both Scriptural and Gregorian dates for your instruction. Please see the "5500 Year Calendar" for Scriptural Dates.

Weekly Shabath (7th Day)
Passover (Pasak) 4/2 (Sabbath)
MatsAH/Resurrection Day 4/3-10, first day of Unleaven Bread (MatsAH) is Resurrection Day

Omer KibbUWr (Grain First Fruits-Pentecost)   5/23
MinchAH KibUWr/ShabUWa   (7th Shabath- Meat First Fruits of YAHUW)  7/16-18

TeruAH/Trumpets of YAH  9/18
KippUWr/Atonement   9/27
Sukkoth/Tabernacles  10/2-9

Voluntary "Love Feasts"

Yom RashanAH (Scriptural New Year) 3/20, 2010
Thanksgiving Harvest  11/24
YAmanuel-Incarnation of YAHUWAH the Son as YAHUW the Savior  12/18-24
Love Feast of Ingathering   3/17/2012
New Month Days for 2018 AY- 3/20, 4/19, 5/19, 6/19, 7/19, 8/18, 9/18, 10/18, 11/17, 12/18, 1/17, 2/16

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