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WELCOME TO PESACH (PASSOVER), Resurrection Day and MatsAH (Unleaven Bread) with YAsarel, the most blessed (and newest) Family-Nation on earth! The Scriptural new year began on 1stday last week (Sun, 3/23/2014 CT-According to Catholic time/Common time). This year in real historic time is 2021 AY (after YAHUWsha our real historic Savior who was incarnated in MariYAm in 7 BCT-Before Catholic time). Catholic time is seven years behind real time. Here is the Original Scripture time table and events.

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1) YAHUWsha's Pesach Supper/trial- 11/01/2021 AY (wed april 2, 2014 Ct)
2) YAHUWsha's Sacrifice and Death into Sheol/Pesach Lamb is killed- 12/01/2021 (thur, apr 3)
3) YAHUWsha preaching to lost in Sheol three days and nights-13-15/01/2021 (fri-sun, apr 4-6)
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5) Resurrection Day! 8AM and 8PM. This is also the "FirstFruit Day" of MatsAH (Unleaven Bread), the "waving of the FirstFruit Sheath of grain" over the altar of El YAH. 15/01/2021 AY (sun-sat apr 6-12, 2014)
6) MatsAH- Clean up your faith by cleaning dirt out of your spirit, mind, language, body, clothes, kids, house, land, business, state and nation! Get prepared for the greatest year of your entire life! YAHUWsha wants to pour out enormous blessings upon you this year! Join us studying His Original Word 8AM and 8PM each day 16-20/01/2021 AY (tue-fri apr 7-11/2014 CT).
7) Last Shabat of MatsAH - 21/01/2021 (sat apr 12/2014 CT) 9:30 AM on regular Shabat webinar.

Happy and Blessed YAHlidays to You! Welcome Home Seekers!

We love The Scriptures and all translations of the Bible that acurrately translate El YAH's Original Word! El YAH's Spirit can guide everyone who seeks Him using any translation of His Word, but for deeper seekers of His Perfect Word, the english translations are confusing and contradictory. This is because either the old manuscripts used were not El YAH's original or the translations were twisted by man's traditions. That is why you have the commandment "Thou shalt not murder" yet also find the mistranslation "Go avenge...  destroy the Midianites"  and "Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman who has known man by lying with him" (Num 31:1, 17, KJV). The true translation is about redeeming the Midianites to the loving salvation of Almighty Eternal Loving YAH!

Our Great Creator is The Great Lover! He loves the Earth and every person! He gives life not death! There is now a translation from an New Testament Original Scripture ancient set of manuscripts (YAHUW/ROS manuscript) into modern english available! The MessiYAH's Testament is ready for you today!  The Original TorAH First Testament (OT) is being translated now!

We love all who seek His Truth! We also love our enemies, who are rising to defend ancient religious traditions! All need salvation through YAHUW the Scriptural Savior. They also help clarify the difference between those immersed in The Loving Spirit of YAHUW (AHabiUW, ""the Love of YAHUW") and those advocating ancient human religious perversions of racism, slavery, genocide and those desiring abusive control over women, youth and the poor. More and more deep lovers of our Creator are finding their freedom as "YAHUW's People," or "YAHUWans," those who are "called by His Name!" 

All fellow truth seekers need to know five little known primary truths when researching for The Original Word of God:

1) The Original Scriptures (OS) have always existed on earth (see YAHUW/Jesus in Mt 5:18) but are quite different from the Pharisee's-Constantinian derived OT Bible translations so popular today. Almighty YAH's Original Word will never pass away from the earth! Shatan can inspire men to corrupt translations of His Original Word but He cannot change The OS itself! He is not allowed to change even one letter of The OS!

Yet most Christian scholars have ignored seeking the harder to find OS in favor of the abundant corrupted texts of the Pharisee religion (566 BCY-today, BCY=Before King YAHUWsha) from ancient Babylon, also known as the Aramaic and Massoretic texts. The Pharisees, whose "leaven" (corruptions) our Savior YAHUW/Jesus warned us about (Mt 16:6,11,12, Mk 8:15, Lk 12:1), get their name from the Pharsee religion of Babylon. It is still called "Pharsee" today in Iraq (ancient Assyria/Babylon)!
The Pharisees text, even today, is called the "Babylonian Talmud" which both contains some Original Word but also twists and preverts The OS Word. This text was sadly adopted by Constantine's "Universal Church" in 321-412 AY because it allowed early Catholicism's inclusion of sun/moon/star-god worship into the early pure faith of ChristiYAnity. It is still incorporated today in most OT Bibles and produces the "hard sayings" in the Pharisee/Catholic Bibles, like the ownership of women, child murder, slavery, divine right of kings (royal blood), polygamy, genocide, stealing land, and stoning folks to death! None of these are in the Original Scriptures like The ROS/YAHUW and MurasUW texts!

2) Contrary to popular belief, The OS are not written in Aramaic or Hebrew but rather in the earth's little known first language called "YAHUWadith" (those who praise "YAHUW"), later called "AbraYA" (AbrAHam's  seed who follow YA). Our pre-incarnated Savior YAHUWAH gave the "10+2-immersed in YAHUW" Principles of The Covenant of Life to Adam in the garden in YAHUWan (misnamed "Paleo-Hebrew," since Hebrew only came about only thousands of years later). It is the most perfect precise language on earth, including the ability of carrying multiple meanings in one sentence! YAHUWan/AbraYA is not burdened by the inconsistencies (like silent letters sometimes or five different sounds for one letter, depending upon the Scribe) of many latter alphabets and grammar. There are no exceptions in "YAH's Original Word," nor are there "foreign gods" (elohim) nor Wordless ethics in the OS texts!

Aramaic Hebrew is the language of "Aram" or Assyria (I Kings 18:26), one of the 5000 year old adversaries of YAH's true people. These spoke "AbraYA" or "YAHUWan" ("YAHUWadith", see I Kings 18:28, Neh 13:24). YAHUWan is  50% different from Aramaic or modern Hebrew. It is a superior language to Aramaic, modern Hebrew or Greek. Many "Hebrew words" taught today as "Scripture" are latter modifications of the original inerrant perfect YAHUWan/AbraYA. The Original Pure Scripture cannot be written in any language other than the YAHUWan but El YAH's Spirit can translate it into your heart! Only those who know YAHUWadith/AbraYA well can be called to accurately translate His Word. Any one who is qualified and called is invited to go help translate in our Original Word Research Center in the HimalaYA's.

3) The Aramaic/Pharsee/Massoretic texts corrupted The Original Scriptures of Almighty YAH (El YAH). This is why you do not find His Eternal Name (YAH/YAHUWAH) nor His consistent Eternal Character in their popular translations. It has been intentionally changed from the original beautiful perfect text! The character of Almighty YAH has been changed to reflect and even justify the evil actions and thoughts of Assyrian/Babylonian (Aramaic) kings and tyrants. The Pharisaic-Aramaic alphabet is 91% different from the original "YAH-breathed" letters of the original YAHUWadith/AbraYA. It is indeed, a different language and culture.

Understandably, many sincere Christians today are confused about the corruptions of the Aramaic/Pharisee translations. Although most churches and synagogues do not preach on NOR BELIEVE these corruptions, since they are still in many of the Bibles they place in their homes, parents should seriously consider what these twisted texts dangerously plant in the young tender minds of their children! Such violent actions should not be in the minds of our precious children and youth!

Some of these evil actions incorporated into their translations include killing  faithful wives, children and even animals of political/religious enemies (as in Num 31), advocating genocide ("kill all the Hitittes"), belittling women, advocating polygamy, handmaidens and concubines for "godly men" like YA'acob (Jacob), King David and Solomon, stealing the land of others, advocating slavery (Lev 25), racism and the murder of innocent people for the sin of kings (II Sam 24). These are insertions into the Scriptures propagated by ancient Scribes and Pharisees who YAHUW warned us about (Mt 23)! These continue to divide Christians, Jews and Muslims today. Instead, fill you and your children's minds with the consistent loving works of God in The Word of YAH and watch them blossom into full lovers of God and their wonderful Savior and His future world for us all!

These corruptions caused dozens of European wars, America's civil war over slavery, WWI, II (Hitler's Third Reich), and the Middle East wars today! See El YAH's
punishment for this in Rev 22:18-19!

4) Thankfully few Christians believe these bad translations and try to follow it! KJV Deuteronomy 13 would have them stoning all unbelievers to death! The true DebariYAim 13 states exactly the opposite! We should love all people and be lovingly tolerant of other beliefs, discussing it openly as fellow seekers. How else can the unbeliever's see the Love of YAH? El YAH knew Satan would corrupt the translations so He implanted 10% of His Word in our hearts! Christianity today mostly follows this Implanted 50% of The Original Word of YAH! No intelligent Christian today follows the Pharisaic teachings of propagating slavery, divine right of kings and bishops (Rom 13:1), the inerrancy of a "Holy Church", the inerrancy of "the Pope," polygamy, child sacrifice (like God saving all the animals while he is drowning all the world's children because some men ignored Noah), discrimination against women, children and the physically deformed (as in Lev/Dt).

5) The Original Scriptures are made up of 77 inerrant perfect "Books of YA" (BibliYA). 

They plainly teach

1) The character of God (El YAH) is always loving, moral and redemptive, not a vindictive, angry, duplicious, capricious god who kills children or innocent people for the sins of kings (II Sam 24).

It also
2) gives us clearly His Name to worship (YAHUWAH). "Jesus" is a good name-title from Yeshu (Savior) and has opened the doors to many great workings of the RUWach (Spirit of YAHUW) over the past 500 years, but seekers are now discovering the amazing power of our Savior's Original Name YAHUW and His Name-titles of YAHUWsha/YAHUWshua/YAHshua as clearly seen in the best manuscripts and also in the very names of 140 prophets and other Scripture leaders.

So who changed YAHUW/YAHUWAH's Name in the first place?

Nimrod who founded Nineveh and Assyria was the first emperor to take YAHUWAH's Name out of The OS, followed by the Babylonians, then followed by the Pharisee's. This tradition was then followed by most Catholic scholars until the Reformation awakening beginning in 1527 (Yeshu/Jesus began), reinforced in 1777 and especially since 1977, all Yubilee years!

There is a pagan god called "Holi" also! There are still millions of Asian followers of  "Holi" (Holy), an arch-demonic spirit from Assyria (Aram). This is why "the Holy" anythings have sadly tortured and murdered over 100 million people "to purify their souls." They make heroes out of murderers like Constantine, some Popes, Martin Luther and Ulrich Zwingli, heralded as "great Christians" even today as "Holy leaders." The King James Version Bible was a major contributor to slavery by Christians throughout the world in colonial times and in the terrible civil war in America.

You can read the accurate english translation of OS by going to The Word of YAH tab and ordering your copy today! Enjoy the real truth about The "Greatest Truth"!

The True Word of YAH is the most important truth on earth! In the Original Scriptures written thousands of years ago, even since the time of Adam and early mankind, God tells us everything we need to know about living happy successful lives but He did not write His Original Word in modern languages except in your heart! There is a meaningful difference between the Original Scriptures of El YAH in the ancient texts and the common english translations we are sold today. Check it out for yourself!

  We do not seek to hurt anyone's faith built on God's truth, only to build true ChristiYAn faith on solid truth. Our personal faith must be defined by His Eternal Truth from His Original Scriptures! This is why you need to read "The Word of YAH-OSE1"!

1) Most Christians are taught to call God and Jesus as their "Lord!" However, this title never once occurs in the Original Scriptures for our Savior and Creator! It actually demeans and belittles our precious Savior and Creator! The title "Lord" comes from class ridden old Europe where "the Lords" serve the bishops who in turn serve the kings! The king of England in turn served the Roman Catholic Bishops and Pope until King Henry the Eighth rebelled and made himself and future English kings "the Pope" of the Church of England which he remains today.

Therefore does stating "Jesus is Lord" place "The King of the kings" under the Catholic bishops who are under the king of England (or the kings of "Europa", who is a pagan goddess)! Does this not horribly belittle our Savior, making Him a mere servant of egotistical bishops and popes? Are we still under this hierarchy of the Popes?

Our Savior is the "King of all kings" is He not? 

Does it belittle our Savior to call our Eternal King a "Lord?"

This "pecking order" was carefully engineered by the Pope, his bishops and the conspiring kings of Europe so that the common people would never question their own authority since they superceded even the Savior and God's authority! If you doubt this, read Romans 13:1 in the ESV which states:

"Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no governing authority except from God, and those that exist, have been instituted by God.
Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment."

If this is true, all Americans, Africans, Indians, Australians, Asians, Islanders and all us "commoners" etc etc all need to repent of being free peoples today and return to the old European colonial "blue blood" tyrants!

I think you will hear the Spirit of True YAH telling you that somebody monkeyed with God's Original Word here, right? If you don't, then go renounce your free citizenship and return to colonial slavery or else one is a hypocrite, right?

Here is the OSE1 translation of Rom 13:1,

"Let every soul be in subjection only to The Highest Liberator, for there is no True Liberty except from YAHUWAHand those freedoms which we presently have are all ordained by EL YAH of All Creation.

 Therefore he who resists Liberty, stands against The Word of יהוה and those who stand against His Freedoms will receive to themselves His Judgment. "

2) In actual fact, many translations throw out the true Eternal Saving Name of both our Father YAHUWAH and our Savior YAHUW over 14,000 times from the Original Scriptures! Rev 22:19 says one loses his salvation for INTENTIONALLY taking out even just one Word of YAH's Written Word! The "Holy" translations do this thousands of times right before our very faces and even brag about it in their prefaces! Does anybody love God's Original Word enough to stand up with us against this 500 year old blasphemy?

The shocking truth is that most "Bible scholars" have not just decieved us, but they have belittled our great El YAHUWAH and Savior YAHUW as well as the precious Original Word of God.

3) Christians and Jews are told "that's just what the Bible teaches." But the Original Scriptures never speak the words "Eve, Eden, Isaac, Jacob,  Joshua, Joel, Jew, Jerusalem, Judah, Jericho, Jeremiah, Jeroboam, John, or James!" There was never any name with a "J" in it in the ancient Scriptures! The english "J" is only 500 years old! Why haven't the scholars and educated preachers told us this? Isn't the Original Name of our Savior important?

 4) But wait, it is not just these important names that have been changed thousands of times! They radically changed Almighty YAH's very Nature and Character also! Those who do read through the "Pharisee Translations" (PT) are shocked to find out that it advocates such wickedness as murder, slavery (Lev 25), polygamy, concubinism (sex slaves), killing children, genocide, stealing the property of others ("go take the land of the Hittites"), murdering surrendered prisoners, and commanding the Lord's people to stone to death unbeliever's wives, children and animals (Num 31, Dt 6, 13 etc). Then it even tells us to stone to death our own disobedient children, adulterers, homosexuals, false prophets and then even all unbelievers (Lev 20, Dt 13 etc)! It tells us to divorce our wives if they are "foreigners" (Ezra 10). 

The Spirit of Eternal YAH in our hearts immediately tells us that these things are NOT TRUE, right? But where is a truly accurate translation of His Original Word!

Welcome truth pilgrim to THE WORD OF YAH. You can order one right now using a debit or credit card, or just send us a check and tell us your address and we will ship it to you immediately! It is the best money you will ever spend on this earth!

So if God's Moral Word which He puts in every honest person's heart is true, but the PT translations contradict YAH's Moral Word within us, guess which is right? Yes, the scholars are following the corruptions put there by the egotistical kings, rabbii, bishops and tyrants of history and have ignored alot of The Original Word of our Creator and Savior! That is why our Great God called El YAHUWAH (El YAH for short) allowed His Precious Name to be taken out of the PTs and allows them to use only titles about Him! Our popular Bibles have the purpose of introducing us to God, our Savior and His Primary Truths but leave the deeper seeker wanting much more. The Word of YAH is the "Perfect" in I Cor 13:10, "But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away."

5) So are we YAHUWans (followers of YAHUW) really challenging the "Pharisaic Text" (PT) as God's True Word?

You see, any translation with "Holy" on it cannot be the true Bible or "BibliYA" (The Book of YA). "Holy" comes to english from the Assyrian/Babylonia pagan deity named "Holi." He still is worshipped by millions of Indians in India and Asia today! When man quit putting El YAH first, Shatan came in and corrupted the very translations that these corrupt men used to prosper by or manipulate the common uneducated people with, and to enslave them in every way they could demise. They especially enslaved women and children for profit and pleasure! 

6) For instance, wives and ladies, do you believe in a god that says it is ok for your men to have a concubine or handmaiden as the PT states about Abraham, David and Solomon? Would you have such a pagan advocate invited into your house and family? Yet these corrupt translations teach this is ok for your "righteous man" to have!

7) Do you believe in supporting slavery (Lev 25, Col 3:22)?

8) Do you believe in sacrificing an innocent child to "please god"? The Holy translation teaches that god told Abraham to do this with his son, does it not (Gen 22)?

9) Do you believe the loving Father of YAHUWsha our Savior told Moses to murder all surrendered soldiers, all their innocent women and their children and their animals (Exodus, Num 31)?

I would be shocked if you believed any of the above yet we have been duped by the PTs into promoting such pagan unrighteous trash to our children and the world through blind praise to all that is declared "Holy!"

These corrupted PT are not your Creator's Pure Word. Yes, by El YAH's mercy, they do still contain around 20-50% of His True Word but the corruptions of men are intermixed and cause great confusion. Only The Original Scriptures written in YAHUWan with His original character and Eternal Name are His Pure Word! 77 of the world's best scholars along with 208 historical scholars have been combined to bring you the first truly accurate translation of The Word of YAH in published English history!

Here are some more man made scholars corruptions which you can easily see are false:

10) Do you believe Satan is really a snake lurking around somewhere on earth (as in Gen 2)?
11) Do you believe God really wants you to stone disobedient children, adulterers, homosexuals, false preachers, false prophets and "all unbelievers" to death (Lev 19-20, Dt 13 etc)?

12) Do you believe God punishes grandchildren for the grandfather's sins (as in Ex 20:5, 34:7, Dt 5:9)?

Do you believe in a God who kills 70,000 good men for the sin of a king while the king goes unpunished (as in II Sam 24)?

13) Do you believe an unrepentant king who intentionally murders his best loyal soldier in order to steal his wife can be a great man of God, as with David murdering Uriah in II Sam 11? The YAHUW texts say David defended UriYAH after asking his forgiveness with weeping!
14) Do you believe in a God who kills his loyal soldier who endangers his life to steady the Ark of Covenant, preventing it from falling off its ox-wagon (as II Sam 6:7)?

15) Do you believe your husband should have sex slaves (concubines) like the Holy Bible's spiritual giants Abraham, David and Solomon (as in Gen 25:6, II Sam 5:13, I Ki 11:3)? (These are imposters for the real AbrAHam, DaUWid and SholomAH, all who honored the Ten Commandments and practiced them!)
16) Do you believe every political tyrant on earth was put there by God for you to bow down to and serve blindly (as in Rom 13:1-3)? Hitler, Stalin, Saddam, Ghadaffi, King George in 1776? 

17) Do you believe God forbids the following to worship Him; those who have warts, blemishes, physical deformities, broken arms or broken legs, menstrual cycles, the lame, the blind and even those with "flat noses" (as in Lev 21)?

18) Do you believe the ancient sun-gods of Sus, Janis and Easter of ancient Rome can save one as long as one is sincere (as in Ie-Sus, meaning "Hail Sus"-the Catholic Vulgate and the first 4 editions of the King James Holy Catholic Bible in 1611)?


Good! The only true Scriptural Savior YAHUW (Jesus) doesn't either and neither do we YAHUWans who are called by our Savior's Name!

Now for the big question!

If the Almighty's Nature, His Character, His Commandments, His Name (YAHUWAH, not "Lord") and His Way of salvation have all been changed by man, how much are we pleasing our one true Almighty One by supporting these institutions and their teachings?

If His Spirit is within you, you already have already felt Him testifying to you in these first proofs of The Word of YAH! You already know the true Character of Almighty YAH is your true Maker because of His "Implanted Word" in your heart! When you accept His testimony in your heart, then He desires to teach you His full truth through His Original Written Word and bring you fully into His Forever Happy Family of YAsarel, the true Nation of YA!

Welcome to the truth about your Almighty Creator, your loving Savior YAHUWAH and your awaiting Forever Family! Welcome home truth pilgrim! Welcome to YAsarel Restored and your true Constitution of Freedom, The Word at YAH (The Original WAY) in OSE1!



         Are you ready to handle the greatest truth of history?
Here it is!
Start being original today! Learn the Original Word of El YAH! Welcome.

The Discovery of The Reshown Owlam Shalem-DebarIYA
(ROS-"Original Eternal Perfect Word of YAH") 
Ha DebariYAH ("The Word of YAH")

In early 2002 AD (2019 AY), an ancient buried library of 245 carefully preserved Scriptures on 1930 year old papyrii was unearthed by a team of Original Word Seekers in ancient eastern YAsarel (present day Iraq), just west of the Euphrates river (Gen 15:18). It took 7 years to study all the 13,000 "near-original Scriptures" and 3 years more to find this Latter Day Restoration library of The Original Scriptures! The Most High Spirit of El YAH (the RUWach) warned these eastern believers to "tell no man" until they were safely secured in a special secure "hideout" in deep natural caves Almighty YAH had prepared thousands of years ago in the HimalaYAs (mountains of The Eternal YA) mountains. They built a pole canopy covered with sand to hide their excavation and dug only at night in the desert sands.

Based upon Mat 5:18, they knew the full Original Word has to still be on earth! They also learned where to look generally because of Scripture prophecy about restoring His Word in the Latter Days (Mt 24:35) inside the eastern border of ancient YAsarel (Gen 15:18), since the Restoration is always from east to west in Scripture!

This restoration was prophesized to begin in east YAsarel (Mt 25:27), which is today's Iraq near the west bank of the Euphrates, near Ur, the birth place of AbrAHam. This complicated the excavations because Iraq is an Islamic nation with extradiction agreements with many other countries, including the USA. However, to our advantage, El YAH blinded a thousand watching eyes on the deserts crossings and we were able to secure these precious scrolls and take them safely to our hideout in the HimalaYA's. Only three of us had passports since non-Muslims cannot get passports in most Muslim countries. But El YAH protected us and gave us great favor. When we had safely taken them back to our safe hideout in the vast HimalaYAs, we tried to negotiate with the Iraqi Islamic leaders.

As we were warned, they have accused us of stealing "Iraqi antiquities" (these manuscripts are YAsarel's) and arrested our negoitiator and tried to blackmail us. Being forewarned, they could only arrest our paid non-believing negotiator. We are presently financially poor believers but even the richest denominations could not pay their Mullah's exorbinant blackmail. The traditional Catholic, Jewish and Protestant denominational leaders all want these Original Scriptures destroyed because they embarrass most present day "scholars" and educated preachers as hypocrites and dishonest merchants of the gods! These 1st Century AbraUW and HebreW Scripture texts are for "the Seed of AbrAHam Restoration Covenant people who again are "called by His Name" and are a sacred trust to all who truly love the Word. We will protect them with our very lives while we introduce them to the world!

Enemies of The Original Scriptures are presently trying to extradite several of us back to stand trial in Iraq. Presently, true to the prophecy which warned us, these precious end time scripture texts would be immediately taken from us if we brought them into a Muslim or even western court or arena. Our enemies risk billions of their income dollars if they do not stop us! We are in a fierce spiritual war against the powers of darkness but we know Almighty El YAH is protecting us and these precious Restoration Original Scriptures

It would cost 58 million dollars a year just to insure these Scrolls against theft if we made them public right now. Then we would need a 70 million dollar secure museum and study center to house them. And even then, some of us would be extradited to Islamic court for trial which, since we do not lie (its Covenant for us), we would be certainly convicted and sent to jail. We don't fear the jail so much (it gives us a chance to witness) but because of our intense love for each other, we would trade some of the Scrolls to get a brother released back to his family. Both Muslim and traditional Christian authorities want these ROS texts destroyed, so we must protect them carefully.

At first we were very disheartened by this, but then El YAH showed us that His Spirit would provide the assurance to His true sheep. They would know His Voice and recognize His Pure Original Word. We know that most of the world will malign us and mock us. If they even held these texts in their hands, they still would not believe! It is His Way. He will call His true believers and His "lost sheep of YAsarel" and confirm His Truth!

The introductory scroll of the ROS library was in a tightly sealed clay jar out in front of the other jars. It stated that these fresh copies were made by MatithYAHUW (the real "Matthew") and his "Matithim" (Disciples) just after the fall of "Yerushalem" (70 AD) and buried in a house first built by DanYAel for the Latter Day time when restoration believers would overrule Shatan's kingdoms and restore His Perfect Word, "when the knowledge of the Name of YAHUWAH would again cover the earth like the waters cover the sea!"

It also stated that these texts were exact copies of The Original Word of YAH as recieved by faithful believers over "the past 3500 to 7
years ago" (the last letter of ShaUWl/Paul was around 63 AD). They should not be handled by unbelievers "lest the wrath of YAHUWAH's Righteousness fall upon them."

Three unbelievers have tried to steal a sheet of the ROS scrolls. All three, true to the warning, died of unknown causes within 100 meters of stealing them! Although these precious Original Texts are for YAsarel, that is YAHUWan Word-lovers  only, we have just published a very good (but not perfect) english translation of these Original ROS NT Manuscripts for all who are "Seekers" in process of becoming in His Loving Image. It is available for your immediate puchase by clicking on the above right picture. It is the only translation which will give you a 100% truthful and crystal clear meaning of The Original Word given by your Creator for you!

13,000 ancient Scripture manuscripts support the uniqueness of this translation, including the only English translation that uses The true Savior's correct Name! Be blessed and discover how to truly praise your Savior by His true Saving Name!

Also, you can now study The Original Word given by your Creator with your family right in your own home! Join us in our free online Original Scripture "Word Webinars" led by Word of YAH-Elder-teachers, Open discussion follows most sessions for those who desire to participate. It is informative, friendly, fun, faithfilled and most importantly, TRUE TO THE ORIGINAL WORD! Get your study helps and join with us by going to the Webinar Schedule tab on the upper left side and join in at the scheduled times. Welcome!



99.99% have never really studied the 13,000 ancient Scriptures for themselves! Most "pseudo-scholars" will tell you "there are no true Original Scriptures in existence!" That has never been true!

However, they have always required that "one seek for Him with all your heart" first! Anyone who studies honestly the "near-original" ancient manuscripts will be led to the pure Original Manuscripts. Sadly, only a few true seekers have ever made the effort to do this in love and faith. It is impossible to find the Originals if you don't please El YAH with honest heart loving and seeking Him efforts. Most people think by listening to sermons from "polished" preachers, they have "sought God".

Yet less than 0.001% of all preachers have ever read even one of the 13000 near-original Scriptural texts! Now is your opportunity to know the truth about His Original Perfect Word for you! 

Why should The Almighty YAH give them a pure original if they wouldn't even bother to study one of the 13000 texts He has so graciously already given us all in 150 museums and even online today? Instead, they read twisted "king's translations" of bishops and tyrants and their slave-making theology, preach sermons from some ignorant TV preacher, sermon booklets or catchy titles off the internet, collect "the Lord's offering", and "get folks saved in Jesus Name." They never read the ancient Scriptures, nor do they want to hear what His Original Word says. It would contradict what they teach and preach and the offering would diminish greatly.

Enough on preachers of popular 300-1700 year old religious cults, but what about you? Should The Almighty be impressed with your seeking Him? Could you be convicted of "seeking God first" in a court of law? How does the time seeking Him stack up against your time seeking a mate, or money, or sports, or children, or building a new house? Or did He even make it up to seventh place in your time priorities? In reality, you probably sought the words of an ignorant unlearned but slick polished orator minister who read a few verses from good ole "King James" with his "divine right to rule us" spins, told some good jokes and taught your kids about 4000 year old Babylonian Easter fertility bunnies that lay eggs and Dec 25 Sun-god worship while you sat brain dead watching, smiling and writing him a check! Don't feel so bad, I did the same for 20 years until I got hungry for knowing my true Creator and Savior! Friend, only persistent seeking with a pure heart and mind will be rewarded with the original truth from The Original Creator. His introductory Name is El YAH (Almighty YAH).
 Welcome to what will change your life forever!

The Basics

Almighty YAH is Eternal Unselfish Love (AhabiYA), and this true love is not love without both freedom and sincerity. He veils Himself because He desires to see who really will seek Him with "all your heart and mind." He never forces Himself upon us to believe in Him like many priests, evangelists and egotistical ignorant people. You can only find and come to Him through steady love and integrity. His Eternal Family disciplines themselves into His Image by seeking His Heart and obeying His Covenant Word!

Our Creator has left us over 13,000 "near-original manuscripts" which teach us that YAHUW was the Real Scriptural and Historical Savior who died on a tree (not a cross, the symbol of Sus, Horus, Dyonisus et al) for our sins and our true Creator-Father is YAHUWAH who prepares an Eternal Kingdom for us. So why do all the preachers and churches preach about "the Lord Jesus who died for the church on the cross for our sins" if "Jesus, Jehovah, Lord or cross" never occur in even one of the 13000 pre-1400 AD Scriptural texts?

Answer: We have all inherited many lies along with the good!
Now we must do the rewarding but taxing task of dividing "The Original Word of God from the words of deceitful men." El YAH has trained us for 40 years for these Latter Day task to help lead true seekers to His Original True Word! If He is calling you to be His Witness for this Latter Day, you will find that your heart drives you to seek for Him! You may well be called to join with His select group of "seed of AbrAHam" now being called out by YAHUWAH to restore His Word, His Covenant, His Name, His true path of Salvation and His Way of living.
 If this is you, welcome home to your true nation YAsarel, the People of YAH! The Eagles of El YAH are gathering around His Original Word and Name!

All creation speaks of 'A Creator!' Hunger for Him is written in the first step in our hearts for all who will seek Him. Seeking for creation truth will lead everyone to search The Scriptures. Up to 33% of His
Original Word is found still preserved in popular "Catholic/Protestant Bibles," 60-85% in 13,000 ancient texts in 150 museums today and 100% is found in an unknown number (but at least 240) Original Scripture Texts (like the ROS texts) buried in desert sands and old libraries around the world for those of us who intently seek Him like hopefully, you are doing right now.

Our Savior promised us "heaven and earth shall pass away before one YA (yod) or UW (uwa) of The Word shall pass away!" You must be something of a truth seeker to even be reading this! Welcome! Your true conversion to "The Way" Eternal might be today!


Answer- They are not faithful, truthful or trustworthy with the 13000 "Near-Original Scriptures" which YAHUWAH has supernaturally preserved for them to study! If they did, like us YAHUWans, they would be preaching about YAHUW the Savior! When they read these and become obedient in faith to these precious ancient texts, then Almighty YAH will give them more truth!

For example:

Did you know that “Easter” is a 4000 year old Babylonian pagan “foreign fertility goddess" (associated with "Easter bunnies" that lay eggs) and that respect for such foreign gods is forbidden to even be "on our lips" by Scripture? "Eve" is also a pagan sex goddess. So why are all these educated ministers still having Babylonian "Easter Services" after 4000 years of Scripture prohibiting exhorting pagan gods and goddesses? 

The names "Jew," "Judah," "Church," "Isaiah", "Jeremiah", "Elijah", "Joel", "Moses," "Jehovah," "Yahweh," "Cross," "Jesus is Lord," "Iesus," "Yeasus" and even "Jesus" never occur in any of the 13000 non-Catholic Scripture manuscripts before 1500 AD! We have offered $10,000 for eight years now for anyone to prove this wrong before unbiased scholars! Some have tried and all have lost! Yet the "Christian scholars" still will not preach or teach the core truths of the Near Original Scriptures! Did any church ever tell you these "minor details"? Every good "Bible scholar" knows this but are severely persecuted if they speak the truth. But hold on, it gets worse.

Do you know that common popular "Church Bibles" have at least 66,000 blasphemies that intentionally change the original Word of YAH, mostly blaspheming the Name of our Father and Savior? They intentionally change The Eternal Perfect Original Word around 66,000 times in their 66 twisted corrupted blasphemous books and refuse to repent and correct their deception because it will hurt their "sales" and offerings!

A scholars well known fact:
Easter is the mythological “sexual consort” of “Sus”, the sun-god son of “father Janis” (the church's January). To call the resurrection of our Savior “Easter Sun-day” is the same as blaspheming your Creator and Savior by calling His Resurrection “Sex goddess Resurrection Day.” Why has “the Church” never told you this? The answer is both shocking and very clear from historical church manuscripts.

The Catholic Church, followed by the often ignorant Protestant Churches, have sponsored and kept alive the “foreign goddess of Easter” and dozens of other Babylonian/Greek/Roman/Teutonic pagan gods and customs for the last 1700 years because they are protectors of the blasphemous gods of Babylon, the Second Beast of Rev 12! They have carried these blasphemous names of Babylonian gods and sex goddesses since their beginning in 321 AD under sungod Sus-worshipping Emperor Constantine.

Many of these gods remain on the days of the week and months of the year in the west, all placed and preserved there by the "Church." If you want to test what spirit is behind your church, ask the pastor or priest to replace the original Name of YAHUW and YAHUWAH when he reads the Scripture and see if he just continues to ignore Rev 22:18-19 ("don't add to" and "don't take away") or not. That will tell you if he/they truly believe the Original Scriptures. Normally, (but not always), the pastors and the “Church leaders” will show their "spiritual pride" and defend their use of these pagan names and pagan celebrations "so we can reach the lost for Jesus"! So will they preach "Allah saves" in Islamic lands in order to "reach the lost for Jesus?" Who gives them authority to change any Scripture for any reason? Is this not a “Anti-Scriptural Word-less lying spirit, a sure sign of Shatan?”
 If so many preachers are truly "filled with the Spirit," why hasn't at least one of them got the Savior's Name right?

This is not to say that everybody or even the majority in the church today are “Wordless” or have a “deceiving spirit.” Most “church members” are sincerely seeking "to know God" but have just never been told the truth. The denominational leaders and some educated pastors or priests block them from hearing the real truth, just like the Pharisees of old "hid the key of knowledge" from the people about The True Savior and His Eternal Covenant. All true seekers of our Maker and Savior have immediate and varying degrees of interface with Almighty YAH and His True Spirit (YAHUWAH RUWach), depending upon their intensity of loving His Word and seeking Him.

However, Rev 12:9 states that Satan “deceives the entire world!” That includes all of us, Christians included, at some time. Although most of the “church world” is still deceived today about the real truth of The Original Scripture's Creator, Heavenly Father, Resurrected Savior and The Way of Salvation, His Spirit is now being poured out upon all those purely seeking for truth and every day, more and more are hearing His Call to their lives  

 In the “Latter Days” El YAH will pour out His Spirit in power upon “all flesh” (Acts 2). That time is here.

That is why you are reading this now. The restoration of the translation and preaching of The Original Word immediately accompanies this “Latter Day” outpouring. For everybody with pure love for our Savior and His Eternal Word, this may be the first time you have ever heard of the pagan blasphemy of “Easter Sunday” on the Resurrection Day of our Savior YAHUW (
Yasha-YAHUW) and your test will be this; will you just ignore this or will you go and search out this truth for yourself?

Many educated preachers/teachers have learned this but were unfaithful and deceitful to their congregations and they have not taught truth. It is much better to be ignorant than a “blasphemer” of Our Almighty Father and His Beloved Son YAHUW. Now comes your turn to decide. Will you now choose to be a blasphemer or a faithful lover of your Savior and His Eternal Commandments? The first of The Ten Commandments is “
Have no foreign elohim (gods) before your face.” Who are you going to follow from now on?

Go to this page bottom to read more about "The Eternal Feast Days of The Original Scripture."

In 2001 AD, The Spirit of El YAH broke through (
as He promised) and gathered a small band of us truth seekers who, in obedience to His Word, had been trying to protect some fatherless abused children from Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan and the foothill HimalaYA mountain region. We had been seeking Him and His Word ernestly for years. We had already studied the 13000+ "Near-Original texts" and were seeking to follow all His Clear Consistent Word we found in them.

But where they varied or were often unclear, we knew they were not The Original Word of Our Father and Savior! We began to pray and seek again, this time with many essential clues from the Near-Original manuscripts! The pure Originals must be somewhere because The Messiah said they would not pass away from the Earth (
MtYAHUW/Mt 5:18)!

In late 2002 AD in the Eastern boundary of the original "land of AbrAHam" (
Gen 15:18), our AbraYA Seekers team found not just one Original Text, but hidden deep in the desert sands of ancient YAsarel, a covered over prepared library of 120 YAHUWan true "Original Scriptures" and 124 IbraUW-Aramaic and AHlenic translations carefully prepared for us around 77 AYs (After YAHUWsha or 70 AD) and sealed in tight clay jars, much like the Qumran Scrolls which also date from the time around the fall of YArusalem (77 AYs)! These precious documents are being presently studied in ernest in a secure location in the HimalaYAs. Already, twice our enemies have sent armed teams to steal them from us, just like they have earlier finds of Original Scrolls from others less able to defend them.

Among these, our "Restoration Scripture Word-servants" have carbon dated 4 AbrAHUW and 3 IbraUW (
Aramaic) "New Testament Scrolls" which claim to have come from the hands of the MalakiYA (Apostle) MatithYAHUW and a ThomAH! They are in 100% agreement with each other and align perfectly with the OS Tanaka (OT). 

At last, His Perfect Word is Restored for you who truly seek Him!  His Perfect Word is finally restored for "The Latter Days" great awakening.

Deceptive and ignorant words are cheap these days and "religions" are full of them! We know that our claims here will be ridiculed by many ignorant and arrogant "religious authorities," so, to give you confidence, we are putting up not just a unique "money back anytime guarantee" but an unheard of $10,000 guarantee on every copy of The Original Scripture E1 that says "To the first 'The Original Scripture E1' purchaser who finds a USA legally published more accurate english translation of the Original Scriptures published before 2010 AD, we will give you $10,000!"

No Scripture translators in english history have ever done this before! No others match it today! With thousands of "Bible scholars" dishonestly feeding the huge "Babylonian Bible business" today, most agreeing with the corrupted popular blasphemous translations of today, we will soon be bankrupt if we are not telling the pure truth! If anyone ridicules us, tell them to bring their $10,000 and prove us wrong! Ignorance is cheap and truth is precious. We know what the ancient manuscripts say and will stand behind our research and work! And soon, you can know irrefutable truths of His Perfect Word on earth!

Our Senior Editor RaphAH's Testimony

40 years ago, I began to seek the truth in "the Bible." It was hard to understand in the various translations and so, I read hundreds of books from "the scholars!" Some made a little sense but most confused me even more! Are the Ten Commandments still in effect or not? How do we "obey His Commandments? Which ones? Did "God" really order His people to kill surrendered soldiers, their wives and children and even animals in the Old Testament as in Numbers 31? Is that the eternal true character of "Jesus", the Son of God? Will we really do what the Savior did and even greater things (John 14:12)? What is "
The Name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit" in Mat 28:19-20? Does baptism save you as in Acts 2:38? Who preaches the "real truth"? How could I ever be sure of the real truth? 

I was a multiple graduate degree PhD and a serious student of the English Bibles and "Bible scholars" for two decades. Then 20 years ago, I began to seriously study the near-original Scriptures for myself! What a difference! I found the greatest "Primary Truths" of human history in the greatest 3 truths of The New Testament Original Scriptures. I want you to know these essential truths also! To get you this truth, it has cost over 1200 Word seekers 20 years of hard work, millions of dollars and most precious, the physical lives of 714 great men and women of truth and passion. It is to them, we all owe eternal gratitude

Within an hour of reading OSE1, you will be able to know your real
Creator and Savior without a shadow of doubt! Learn how to scientifically prove to anyone irrefutable proofs of how to "call on the Name of YAHUWAH" without a doubt! We will irrefutably, scientifically, prove this to you, GUARANTEED!

 Note for ordering the e-OSE1:

We kindly ask all purchasers to please be patient, as requests are outnumbering our ability to deliver orders quickly at this time. In order to keep all costing down, we operate with volunteers and therefore delivery could take 2 weeks although we try to mail daily. Thank you in advance for your understanding and may YAHUWAH bless and keep you!


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